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Moral discourse on prostitution was never uncontested during this period. Various moral agencies, religious and secular, were involved in securing changes in social attitudes which generated heightened popular concern about prostitution and put pressure on legislators and administrators for more and better criminal laws to fight it.

In Foucaultian terms, it spawned discourses esvorts resistance.

Analysis of the anti-prostitution campaign reveals periodic gender-based differences about objectives and strategies. Consideration is also given to counter discourses and agencies which did not share the moral concern of reformers and to the realities of actual law rec against prostitution and the extent to which those practices undercut the reformist vision.

Tragedies of the white slaves Lytle images at HathiTrust Monitoring and combating trafficking in persons : how are we doing? Foucault, History of Sexuality, vol. Social and Economic Realities, By Canada was emerging from its frontier past into a more settled, uniform pattern of economic and social existences.

Both social and legal attitudes towards vice underwent extensive reconstruction during the period. From a legal perspective the ideological trend was towards highly publicised appeals for the state to use the law, especially criminal loght, to proscribe a wide range of conduct in the name of vice suppression. Within that broader instrumental context a powerful moral discourse directed against sexual immorality, especially prostitution,2 had a ificant impact on the construction of law.

Thompson Co. This essay examines the interaction and roles of moral discourse and reformist action in attempts to change social attitudes to prostitution through the law. Washington : U. The Wages of Sin I. The coalition of efforts which emerged was not, however, free of inner tensions.

Some of these had a decidedly subversive effect on the law in action.