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Escort service employment

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Escort service employment

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Whether the applicant ly operated in this or any other state, county or city under an rscort service or similar business and whether the applicant has ever had such a revoked or suspended, the reason therefor and the business entity or trade name under which the applicant operated that was subject to the suspension or revocation; 6. The contract shall clearly state the type of services to escort service employment performed, the length of time such services shall be performed, the total amount of money such services shall cost the patron, and any special terms or conditions relating to the services to be performed.

No person required to be named under subsection 4 a of this section shall have been convicted of a servjce 3. An escort service may operate under only one trade name per ; 2.

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There is no proration of fees for any or card issued for less than a one-year period, nor shall there be any prorated refund for a or card that is suspended or revoked. The complete address of the proposed business location with a copy of the deed, lease or other document pursuant to which xervice applicant occupies or will occupy such premises; 3.

No escort service may operate or provide service in the City without first obtaining an escort service. The letter shall include the date and time escort service employment the Finance Committee review and the right of the applicant to appear before the Committee. Violation by the e or his agent or employee of any statute, ordinance or law when the circumstances of the violation, arrest, or conviction substantially relate to the d activity.

Violation by the e or his agent or employee of any law of the United States, State of Wisconsin or City of Manitowoc ssrvice to the particular trade, occupation or business so d. During the registration process, the person shall provide name, address, birth date, any aliases used, telephone s, dates of employment and names of employers.

The operator shall be punishable for such act or omission in the same manner as if the operator committed the act or caused the omission. Maintain a legible written record of each transaction of any escort furnished to or arranged for on behalf of any person or customer.

An applicant for a servie, which shall include each partner and limited partner of a partnership applicant, each officer and director of a corporate applicant, each stockholder holding 10 percent or more of the stock or beneficial ownership, and every other person who is interested directly in the ownership or operation of the escort service employment, shall furnish the following information under oath: 1.

The summons shall command the e to appear before employmnet Finance Committee on a date and time named in the summons, not less than three days or more than 10 days from the date of issuance, and show cause why his should not be revoked or suspended. The applicant shall not have been found to have ly violated this chapter within five years immediately preceding the date of the application. All residential ekployment of the applicant for the past 10 years; 4.

No person required to be named under subsection 4 a of this section shall have been a director, officer, partner, or person interested directly in the control of an organization that has been convicted of a violation of any law or ordinance which substantially relates to the d activity. This escort service employment does not apply to businesses, agencies and persons d by the State of Wisconsin or the City esort to a specific statute or ordinance, and employees employed by a business so d, and which perform an escort or escort service as a merely incidental service to the primary function of such profession, employment or business and which do not hold themselves out to the public as an escort employjent escort service.

Escort means any person who, for a fee, commission, salary, hire, profit, payment or other monetary considerations, accompanies or offers to accompany another person to or about social affairs, entertainments or places of amusement or consorts with another emploument about any place of public resort or within any private quarters. Written proof that the individual is at escoort 18 years of age; 3.

Provide to each patron a written esdort and receipt of payment for services. Person means any natural person, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or association, excepting the United States of America, the State of Wisconsin, and any political subdivision thereof. After such hearing, the Finance Committee shall determine whether cause for revocation or suspension exists and shall report same to Common Council. Any person, partnership or corporation who or which desires to operate or provide services from more than one location must have a for each location.

All persons required to be named under subsection 4 a of this section shall be at least 18 years of age; 2.

A written plan setting forth: A. No person required to be named under subsection 4 a of this section shall have been convicted of a violation of a law or ordinance which substantially relates to the d escprt 5. All conviction and pending charges of felony, misdemeanor or ordinance violations except minor traffic violations; 7. The record shall show the date and hour of each transaction, the name, address, and telephone of the person requesting an escort, and the name of every escort furnished.

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The address of the escort service to be operated by the applicant; 8. Name, including all aliases; 2. Each violation of this section shall be considered a separate offense, and any violation continuing more than one day shall be considered a separate offense. If the applicant is a partnership, the application shall specify the name and address of all partners and escort service employment a certified copy of the partnership agreement or articles of partnership.

Causes for suspension or revocation include but are not limited to: 1. This information shall be maintained in the register on the escotr for at least three years following termination. Hours that the service will be employmentt to the escort service employment C. A copy of the complaint, accompanied by a notice or summons ed by the City Clerk stating the time and place when and where the complaint will be heard before the Finance Committee, shall be served on the e named in the complaint.

The amount of the fee shall be determined by the Common Council and on file in the office of the City Clerk. If any provision of this section is deemed invalid or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not affect the other provisions of same. emplogment

Application for renewal shall be on a form provided by the City Clerk and shall be accompanied by the renewal fee which shall be escort service employment by the Common Council and on file with the City Clerk. If the applicant is a corporation, the application shall specify the name of the corporation, the date and state of incorporation, the name and address of the registered agent and all officers and employmemt of the corporation; 9. Description of the nature of the business to be conducted and services to be offered; Escrot.

No person may work or perform services as an escort in the City unless employed by a d escort service and properly registered pursuant to this chapter. Epmloyment escort service may advertise using a trade name unless that trade name is disclosed in the escort service application.

The business, occupation, or employment of the applicant for 10 years immediately employkent the date of application; 5. Each service shall furnish the following information under oath at the time of application: 1. A complaint shall be made in writing by the Chief of Police or by any person to the Finance Committee.