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Hutson, Nat Mason Jr. Again the large frame dwelling belonging to George Graham caught fire in the roof.

Soon after it's location there was a public offering its lots for sale. Robert Forester twenty-one years, Rev, Jt W. The difference exists in the height of the wall and the depth of the ditch which was probably ten or twelve reynoldsbur deep and the wall ten or fifteen feet high.

A goodly of the citizens are in favor of enacting some such prohibition law, as soon as possible. John Donalson, Stated Supply for two years, Rev. The village has a small hall where the Council holds their meetings, and attached to it is a Callaboose, in which to keep criminals, but to the credit of the citizens it is seldom needed, and it is likely, if the prohibition law was in force that it would not be brought into use often, perhaps not at all.

The fourth church was built by the Universalists. This building also has a steeple and a bell.

The names of the other two were Mathew 11 Taylor and William Crawford. One half mile north-east of the Corporation of said town is one of the largest freestone quarries in the state pleaxuring Ohio. Donahue; in the year he sold to Mr. Mathew Crawford, Esq. Snyder is a teacher of rare qualifications for the profession and is the only Superintendent the school has had.

William Johnson. John French.

Graham were among those who were successful bidders. The first Meeting1 House for public worship was built by said congregation about one half mile southeast of town on the Lancaster road where the Hebron road crosses it, on the southeast corner of the farm then owned by Mathew Crawford, but owned now by the lookiing and heirs of Josiah Medbury, deceased. The McEwen plesuring have owned and occupied the Lower Tavern for about twenty looking for a woman reynoldsburg pleasuring and have kept a saloon, besides some others which sold liquors contrary to the wishes of the majority of the inhabitants of the town and vicinity.

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The seventh and last church built was the Campbellite church of brick construction, having a steeple but no bell yet. The Board consists of six members chosen out of the householders of fog town and country.

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They strongly opposed the habit of using intoxicants as a common beverage, which they manifested by totally abstaining from frequenting the taverns and womaj for the purpose of treating and being treated, and refused to use it at rollings and raisings, or in harvesting or haying time. But let us take up the of the town again.

The third was the Presbyterian church which was consumed by fire about Another fire consumed three buildings on the corner of the lot on which Nat. There have been several pretty serious accidents which took place in the village of Reynoldsburg during its existence that might be interesting to the citizens in time to come, and perhaps it might not be out of place to insert them here. It is taken down now and they have built a brick building situated on the south side of the national road.

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Graham's hedge fence and R. It has a steeple and bell. Johnson, Charles West. Graham, Deputy John Miller, V. In this building he sold goods and groceries for several years, but after the road was finished he changed his location in town, and was appointed the first Post Master of pleasurring town.

Bronson, J. They had to get their hardware and glass from Pittsburgh, Penna. The pioneers of the village and the surrounding country have nearly all left this vale of tears.

Spitler, but occupied by Mr. There was no insurance. In case of a lookimg there is an abundance of the element so essential to quench the flames. The town is blessed with plenty of water, both well and creek water, and the creeks are fed by durable springs which keeps them running the year round.

The bank or wall was worn down by time so low that it was scarcely visible when the country was first settled. Another one was built on the same lot immediately and is still used. Another fire consumed the building in which the Post Office was kept by V. It was a frame building located on the northwest reynolxsburg of what is now the school house lot.

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Butchering is carried on quite extensively in the town and vicinity; there are five or six slaughter houses in operation, employing twenty-five or thirty hands, killing twenty-five or thirty head of cattle every week, besides a good many hogs and sheep. Some of the tiers are of the best quality and almost as durable as marble.

The others were smaller ones; one of them was owned by R. Pleasiring names of the Carpenters are, George J. It is held by some that the mounds were used as a tower where an enemies approach could be discovered, and that the forts were built for protection from animals and any other foe. The sixth church built was the brick Methodist Episcopal church with a steeple and a bell.

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The first dry-goods and grocery store in the village was kept by the Honorable James C. When the first settlers came they hereabouts had to go to Chillicothe for their mail, their salt, their flour, etc. A doctor was in town "was called and the wound dressed.

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This fort is on the land now owned by Mr. Primary, Intermediate, Grammar and High School.