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From existing industrial land use patterns and trans- 20 portation networks, it appears that industrial activities should occur south of Interstate 90 in the vicinity of State Highway The analysis was conducted over 27 segments utilizing water quality stations to evaluate the segments. The only exception to this is gillettte the Wyoming Department of Environ- mental Quality should be deated as the management agency for surface coal mining operations on both federal and private lands based on the adoption of the Cooperative Agreement between the State of Wyoming and the United States Department of the Interior for the Enforcement and Administration of Surface Coal Mine Regulation Standards.

Of the 2, square miles, 28 percent square miles is under Federal ownership, 8. Five and ten-year plans are developed by considering specialist evaluations based on present and future fillette, suitability of resources, inten- sity of the particular usage or activity and social-environmental conflict fac- tors.

Local long-range wastewater facility planning, except for 3uffalo, Sheridan, and Gillette, has ly been funded from federal sources. Highway 14 near the present developed area of the City. Alternative means to acquire proper authority, financial capacity and effective institutional arrangements for plan implementation should be developed.

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Population projections were prepared by a of study partici- pants. Management agencies should include state and local agencies as well as federal agencies, due to the fact that there are major federal land holdings in the Powder River area.

The provisions for the preparation of 20 year areawide waste treatment management plans by local regional planning agencies. Forest Activities The Water Resources Research Institute has identified six components of forest activities which have the greatest relationship to water pollution potential in the forested lands in the three-county area. Forest Service within the boundaries of the Bighorn National Forest and on non-federal forest lands.

The Comprehensive Plan Map delineates future industrial development east of Broadway and north 4th Avenue and a tract west of the present developed area south on County Road north of U. The data analyzed in Chapter II suggest that with the exception of a few site specific pollution problems, the area's water quality is good. Similar problems and patterns were also observed at Gillette in Donkey Creek.

The final phase of the work program involved utilizing the work elements from the first three sections of the work program to prepare a plan which is capable of being implemented. Another mining operation which is foor an industrial land use is the continuation of the mining of bentonite.

The major timber harvest areas within the three-county area are managed by the U. Non-Point Source Looklng Assessment The major potential non-point pollution sources in the three counties originate from urban run off, mineral extraction, forest land activities and urban types of development in rural areas. Most unimproved ro in the Bighorn Range were originally constructed for livestock, recreationaland logging purposes, but presently are being utilized seasonally by camping parties, hunters,and livestock.

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Public participation and means for ensuring adequate participation are required at each stage in the planning process. Although this is the highest recorded of people living in the County, decreases were experienced from toand from to However, all areas surrounding the wyominh fills should be observed and monitored raring run off events to determine whether there is any possibility of contaminants' reaching surface waters.

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All gollette and ground- water data were then combined into a water quality assessment of the Powder River Basin. Salinity in the Powder River is essentially a function of the salinity contributions of its tributaries. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.

Competition for range and habitat among deer, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, cattle, and domestic sheep presents problems related to mi- gration, foliage distribution and grazing. All work elements within lokoing engineering section of the work program, except for the Gillette facilities study and trunk line study, gillettte undertaken by the consulting engineering firm of VTN Wyoming, Inc. However, down stream concentrations were lower probably due to the processes of dilution and sed- imentation.

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Four planning requirements were ld in the Act: 1. Johnson County Based on population and economic projections, it appears that Johnson County and the City of Buffalo's growth may also more than double by year over levels.

A reconnaissance level monitoring program along the major stream drainages in the Powder River Basin was performed to locate water quality problem areas. This activity is located between Highway and the railroad tracks near Clear Creek Avenue.

Five alternative waste treatment alternatives were analyzed for Kaycee including the conventional stablization pond, aerated lagoon, extended aeration plant, land application and control discharge pond. Substantial stands of pon- derosa pine, spruce and lodgepole pine are available for harvest in the south- west part of Johnson County.

The public must be made aware of the process and be involved in annual plan updates. This effort contained the core of the areawide planning program wylming a wide of of tasks encom- passing the three-county area. Other program goals include the formulation of pollution control management programs for specific activities or pollutant types expected to present addi- tional problems in the future. Approximately 10 to 20 percent of the growth may occur outside of the planning district surrounding Gillette.

In some cases, ificant amounts of this debt remain to be paid. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency should provide funding for planning and construction of gen- eral public wastewater systems in incorporated and unincorp- orated areas.

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In both stream systems it appears unlikely that secondary treatment will remove sufficient ammonia to prevent toxic concentrations in receiving streams at the de flow 07, Resorts, summer home groups, special- use camps and popular campgrounds potentially contribute to bacterological contamination of streams and groundwater through direct discharge and septic tank leakage. The City of Sheridan recorded population increases lookiny the decades except for to and to Irrigation is almost non-existent in the drainage.

This report was developed to be utilized in the areawide plans as well as the statewide plan. The Wyoming State Forestry Division encourages suppression of all fires burning on or threatening all State and private lands. Implementation of specific control programs should be left to those agencies with mandated responsibility. Upper reaches of the drainage, near the confluence of the forks, contain 25 percent to 40 percent saline and alkaline gilletfe.

Highway and road construction projects consist of high risk activities with regard to their potential for contributing sediments and other pollutants to surface and groundwaters in Wyoming. Most urban runoff pollution arises from street surface contamination including: 1 Pavement gilllette 2 Pol- lutants from motor vehicles, and 3 Contaminants from veg- etation and runoff from adjacent land areas. Major grazing areas on federal forested lands are shown on Map A major recommendation concerning on-site disposal systems is that the counties should adopt on-site disposal regulations which would assure proper site selection, construction and maintenance of on-site disposal systems.

Forested land is primarily located along the western border of Johnson and Sheridan Counties, but additional acreages are dispersed elsewhere.

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