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When the clerk clicks this button, the subpoenas will be marked as received once the clerk has completed the printing process.

CJIS has been working hard to assist the Clerks office with streamlining this new process and some changes were made to the website in order to assist their office. The giod work and the steady reporting are proving to pay off. The subpoenas will no longer open in the website, a separate popup window will open to display the subpoenas Each subpoena will display the date the LEA accepted the record and they will also display the reason the record was returned if applicable In the Subpoena history screen the Clerks office has the ability to re-produce mis-printed, ly accepted Subpoenas by conducting a search on the documents by their printed date.

With LCCOC, ing our testing efforts it will be no time at all that we can submit the final application. This month has been really quiet as far as experiencing a Major outage or problems with the website. As we close another month of testing, the s are looking good.

Therefore, the thought process was changed and they will now be printing all the Subpoenas from the website and scanning them into their system. We checked with the State Attorneys office and they agreed this would be a good idea. The programmer received the request and had the request completed within 24 hours, another job well done!

However, with further research, it was brought to their attention that this action could be misconstrued as e-filing.