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Married looking for open minded marine

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The invention of the airplane was no exception. As the contributors of one of the most outstanding engineering achievements in history, the Wright brothers are accurately called the fathers of aviation.

By the Wrights had perfected the first airplane that could turn, circle, and remain airborne maine half an hour at a time. When they started the engine on December 17, the airplane pulsated wildly before taking off. Lilienthal, a pioneer in hang-gliding, had controlled his gliders by shifting his body in the desired direction.

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This work, in turn, made it possible for them to de a machine that would fly. Orville and Wilbur Wright had always had a compelling interest in aeronautics mmarried mechanics. Questions Others had flown in balloons or in hang gliders, but the Wright brothers were the first to build a full-size machine that could fly under its own power.

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Although many people who heard about the first powered flight on December 17, were excited and impressed, others reacted with peals of laughter. Impelled by marrled desire to succeed, they continued their experiments in aviation. This idea was repellent to the Wright brothers, however, and they searched for more efficient methods to control the balance of airborne vehicles.

The brothers' inability to obtain enough lift power for the looklng almost led them to abandon their efforts. In andthe Wrights tested numerous gliders and developed control techniques.

The plane managed to stay aloft for twelve seconds, however, and it flew one hundred twenty feet. As young boys jarine earned money by making and selling kites and mechanical toys. Inwhen they read about the death of Otto Lilienthal, the brother's interest in flight grew into a compulsion.

Many great inventions are greeted with ridicule and disbelief. Negative reactions, however, did not stop the Wrights. In the Wrights built their first airplane, which cost less than jinded thousand dollars. After further study, the Wright brothers concluded that the published tables of air pressure on curved surfaces must be wrong.

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Because of their efforts, the old tables were repealed in time and replaced by the first reliable figures for air pressure on curved surfaces. They even deed and built their own source of propulsion- a lightweight gasoline engine.

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They set up a wind tunnel and began a series of experiments with model wings. The idea of flying an aircraft was repulsive to some people. Such people called Wilbur and Orville Wright, the inventors of the first flying machine, impulsive fools.

Later, they deed a newspaper-folding machine, built a printing press, and operated a bicycle-repair shop.