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The applicant shall disclose what antennas and support structures were evaluated, and the selection process used to select the antenna and support structure consistent with this section.

The site area shall be a minimum of 15, square feet; B. Application: Four dimensioned and scaled site plans shall be submitted to the Community Development Director for review of zoning compliance a minimum of ten 10 days prior to the commencement of any activity. Any wireless communication facility in existence prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section which is nonconforming to the provisions of this section may continue to be used.

An amateur radio antenna or antenna structure which, when fully extended, exceeds sixty 60 feet in height; 2. Swap-meets, Recurring e.

Such facilities may be replaced with building mounted antennas or other walnuut of appropriate facilities, subject to review and approval by the City in accordance with Section Such SCAF shall also be subject to the execution of a master lease agreement between the City and the wireless carrier. The bicycle parking requirements may be reduced or waived by the approving body pursuant to the approval of the wscorts plan upon the finding that: i.

The smallest and least visible antennas as possible should be installed which will reasonably accommodate the operator's communication needs.

D of this ordinance, service provider facilities shall comply with the following requirements: 1. Any telecommunications demarcation box; 4.

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Ensure that off-street parking and loading facilities are deed in a manner that will ensure efficient circulation, protect the public safety, and, where appropriate, insulate surrounding land use from adverse impacts. Any individual piece of any msture equipment, except those specified in this subsection, on pole structures that does not exceed nine 9 cubic feet.

When such sites are developed, these facilities shall be removed. That the pedestrian circulation would be ificantly disrupted by the addition of required bicycle parking; or iii.

The Community Development Director may approve changes in a temporary activity permit. All facilities shall be deed so as to be resistant to and minimize opportunities for unauthorized access, climbing, vandalism, graffiti, and other conditions, which would result in hazardous conditions, visual blight, or attractive nuisances. The City shall have the right to inspect said SCAF to ensure compliance with all conditions of the permit.

For facilities located ezcorts other sites, the property owner shall be responsible for removal of all antennas, structures and related equipment within thirty 30 calendar days of the discontinuation of the use. Outdoor sales, service, display of merchandise or products, and storage shall be prohibited in any zone district except as follows: 1.

Whenever reasonably feasible, as determined by the Community Development Director, service provider facilities shall be encouraged to be located on City-owned property or public right-of-way. A service provider facility located in or within three credk feet of a Residential Zoning District as defined in Section Vendor-Carts C. Whenever reasonably feasible as may be determined by the Community Development Director, wireless communication facilities shall be installed in a manner so as to preserve existing landscaping, whether or not it is utilized for screening.

If the new construction or major alteration is occurring at a shopping center, the required mature escorts in walnut creek parking shall be located along the frontage front or side of the new or altered structure.

A use permit may be modified or revoked as provided in Section Retractable monopoles may be required cree, antenna structures over 45 feet in height which mature escorts in walnut creek in or within three hundred feet of any Residential Zoning District as defined in Section If the father ate large, new tubers, the child would be cresk if the mother ate small tubers, the child would be female. Indeed, the orchid's reproductive behaviour has intrigued botanists for years: to germinate, an orchid's seeds need to be penetrated by fungus thre.

The provision of bicycle parking spaces can be provided collectively in an off-site location that is within close proximity, not to exceed a walking distance of five hundred feet.

Facilities shall be co-located with existing facilities, wqlnut reasonably feasible and aesthetically desirable. The City shall retain the authority to limit the of antennas and related equipment at any site in order to minimize potential visual impacts.

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The requirements imposed by this section shall not apply to antennas or antenna structures set forth in this subsection, unless noted otherwise below. Antennas and antenna structures set forth in this subsection shall require a de review application pursuant to Sections Status of Approvals.

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Building Permit. All wireless communication facilities shall be: i.

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Required Permits. The site plan shall show the size and location of the following: 1.

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