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For instance, now you can have parties with only six people. However, I got 13 exams.

They now meet all together in public spaces, without masks, spitting each other in the face and crying against a global complot. Italy is that country where even fascism is of clownish sadness.

We all need a little bit of cold blood. Do you know I have another Party now?

Please note that fractional part of parties multiplies into integer people. We are more than six.

No, seriously, how is it going there? Do you still work with the Free Software Foundation?

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As an engineer, I ever took architects with a busload of philosophy. He has English worse than mine, though.

Couples ONLY Orgy Room. * This is the old media Room, upstairs near the mirror room. *Open to COUPLES ONLY. No single ladies or gents allowed in this​. As offices, schools and public buildings close around the world, the organisers of two US orgies are planning to push on with their events. Another woman is perched on the armrest above me, lightly stroking my arm and kissing my neck. Several men and women are standing around.

I will do the next two in a week. Is it still golden or do they make it out of bitcoin now? First caught, first served.

Have you anything against philosophy? To each, his own philosophy! I would like to organize an online meeting on stupidity laws by Prof. I also have some hundred atures of constitutionalists left over from the last referendum to make up the.

Have you tried to enhance the Golden Gate? How much time has passed?

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Newton and Maxwell already ed. Nothing of the constitutionalists is ever thrown away.

If you like chaos and beers, you should be a Pirate. They are fucking Nobel prizes of politics.

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How can I convince you? Now they the Regime, I mean, that long story you knowthey, I said, banned parties, and Parties banning is near.

In practice: what you say something positive in the first, you can say negative in the second. Well, however, the best things of those times were April Fools, remember? I have always appreciated having a Party to have parties in.

I think parties, Parties, orgies and whorehouses should be a whole lot more reliable than these. Choose the right exams, be orgied half of the graduation! I enrolled in University. Here in Rome, very well!

Tell me your life story, without sparing humour. They want to make the collection of election atures easier. You need just 16, Damned Reptilians!

I fear you now have to waste some time with me. However, this time we can raise the national IQ. Right-wings had no he then, right? You know, chickens were used in World War I to understand if Mustard gas was in the trenches.

But stupidity does. One will be on the virtues of the ancients Greeks, the other on the infinity of the Evil in Aristoteles. Someone calls them: the Chickens.

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A guy from South Africa is making me a transfer of a few million dollars to support the cause. They stay near the floor and gas is heavier than air, so they die first and you put on the mask. Those were damn good times for me!

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Anyway, I am not bored. So, talking about stupid people.

Carlo M. Beware of collapses! Chickens are not so high on intelligence. Do you know that Big Pharma now orgoes using Mustard gas against cancer? What are you doing there?

CoViD cases are increasing. Not my property indeed! I will err, yo will fix, ok?