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In the small town, the entertainment was always whiskey, sporting women and cards. It was so in the West: there the whore was queen, advertised and exalted. The world has drove me about so.

Miners, who were accustomed to spontaneous changes in fortune, felt no qualms about paying ounces of gold to sit by a beautiful woman, even if it meant many months mining. Prostitution reduced human relations to mere economic exchanges, just as slavery had taken the humanity from African Americans and turned them into property to be bought and sold.

When they could not answer these questions, they created a myth that was an effective tool in puzzling out the prostitute. Although the East tolerated prostitution, it was nothing like the free West, where women had permission to be so public about their profession.

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Oh my sisters! This, along with the myths of the gold rush, red-light districts and the elegant woman of the saloon, led to a unique image of prostitution, which forms an integral part of the western legend. They will privzte worth their weight in gold the imports of California are richer than the exports. From this unique combination of factors, the soiled dove took flight. The forces that came together to create the myth of the soiled dove privatd unique: never again would such freedom and restriction exist in America at the same time.

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Anytime they went out, even just to walk on the street, they took the care to be as fashionable as possible. An interesting aspect to the building of the myth of frontier women was the press.

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When I want food, I must go to the streets. A merchant, S. Think of what it would be like to slave soul and body, day after day, for a crust and a cup of cold water.

Two days later, the men met at a saloon, and got in a fight that ended in Cora shooting and killing the Marshall. What men are habitually, women botson only exceptionally.

The manager refused to involve himself, and Mr. Women were to remain pure until a wife, and even then, according to Victorian ideals, women were not supposed to actively seek sexual relations unless it led to procreation. But I was penniless, and a baby to keep.

The Victorian culture valued public images and actions, and was puzzled with the West choice to advocate its sin. Instead, society admired prostitutes as the women they were, not how they made their money. The Victorian emphasis on a rational order in society serves to explain why the east felt necessary to create a prostitution myth. As a result, the newspapers played the role of publicity agent for the prostitute.

Sexually active, these women also lived without true families, fought, cursed, and were aggressive and outspoken. As soon as a city was established, male-dominated bostn crime would take control and entrepreneurial opportunities would disappear. Her reputation soared to heights it had never enjoyed during her stay in the community. See how like an angel of light this demon would descend.

For prostitutes, this meant an increased market for their supply and appeal of life without condemnation. Women such as Susan B. She was a victim, somehow not at fault. The frontier was the first time that women were able to profit immensely off of being women.

The sectional divide in morals between the East and West could have resulted in conflict over the image of the prostitute, but instead the East chose to accept what it understood or admired about the fallen women and exemplify her in order to understand the entire Ptivate. Similar to slavery, prostitution denied basic human dignity. In the Old West time, place and circumstance coincided perfectly to introduce the mythical prostitute as a persistent element in western mythology.

It was often this society that the frontiersman and woman were fleeing by moving West.

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prlvate Here was a woman who achieved what seemed like true financial independence in an age where few women could support themselves. These settlers created a system that worked for the circumstances and the society it was governing Our population, selected from the choice young men of all the most active nations of the world live faster than any other people.