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On 12 May McHannigan was charged at Wollongong Court with murdering Charlie Berry, running a brothel, and carrying an und pistol. Perhaps it should be asked - was this incident a mere aberration in the history of Wollongong, an industrial town located to the south of Sydney, or a of deep-seated corruption and vice in this third largest city of New South Wales? Vickery was beginning his holidays that wpllongong, and upon his return would play a part in the discovery of his friend's fate.

Also on that day Anthony Malouf, a local businessman, was interviewed by Sgt. During the game McHannigan and Soffe got up and left the premises for a period. Adding to the scandal was the fact that a prominent local businessman was prostitjtion and initially charged with complicity in the murder. He was held in custody.

They left the room and Williamson remembers hearing them arguing prior to returning to the Tiki. Following the murder and disposal of the body by Williamson on 10 January, all remained quiet at the Tiki Cofee Lounge. Accessed 20 October Manager of Tiki following Berry's murder.

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The coffee lounge was located on the ground floor, with associated brothel rooms and living quarters on the first wollomgong and three doors down to the south. Peter Soffe Brothels, gambling, and even payoffs to police have long existed in Illawarra, however in brutal murder was a rare event. Sergeant Posser - Policeman.

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Bridgette Tolson was the first to give evidence, and her story was descriptive to say the least. Illawarra Mercury [various editions], Berry would take the remainder and later given a percentage to Malouf, who would then pass on a further cut to the local policeman, Sergeant Porstitution.

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By Saturday 9 January the removal of the body was becoming imperative. During the following Thursday and Friday 7 and 8 January the body remained in the ceiling and began to quickly deteriorate due to the stifling heat of the time, it being the middle of summer.

However they were unsuccessful and later travelled to Owllongong Mile Beach at Gerringong to search for a suitable site among the sandhills there. In October of Michael Francis McHannigan 22 began working at the Tiki as an assistant to Berry and to provide protection for the prostitutes.

The Tiki Coffee Lounge murder story was both sensational and tragic, with the media revelling in its more salacious details as they were slowly made public. By this time the decomposing body was swelling and black, causing Williamson to be sick as he undertook the burial. Wollongong businessman.

Bridgette Tolson - Prostitute at the Tiki. Some questions were asked amongst the staff as to what had happened to Charlie, and his friends and family began to get suspicious. Does it still haunt the ceiling space where it was so callously placed after the murder, and subsequently extricated with much difficulty?

On 8 November Williamson was sentenced to 8 years in jail 3 years non-parole. According to Williamson, McHannigan was very drunk at the time.

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Michael Organ home. Upon entering the room he hit Berry on the jaw with the hammer to wake him; Berry sat up in bed and McHannigan then shot him in the head twice.

Anthony Malouf Such a tag was usually associated with the dark alleys of Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, The Rocks, and the nearby dockyards of Sydney. Any comments, corrections, or additions to the content of this site are most welcome.

Michael Francis McHannigan Prostitutipn later drove to Bendalong, where he had spent his holidays over the years, and buried the body there besides a tree. It read 'City Brothel Blitz Order' and informed the local public that corruption and vice had broken out in their fair city.

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Following his discussion with Malouf, McHannigan decided that the murder of Berry was the quickest and easiest way for him to assume control of the Tiki. Allegations of police corruption were also raised, and a local police sergeant subsequently reed over the matter.

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However this proved difficult as he lived and worked in Wollongong.