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Really looking for a loved one

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Or you could set up a memorial altar for them and offer up thoughts or prayers.

People have rituals they expect to take place when someone dies, including being physically together. Now, coronavirus is making it even harder for people to say goodbye.

But you can be there for them and say you're thinking of them. Dr Schindler admits "it just doesn't seem real still", but he takes looved from his belief that his grandfather is now reunited with his wife, who died 10 years ago. Funerals cannot be conducted as planned.

Perhaps we don't say it enough, but that knowledge is inside everybody. Unable to be there in person, they live-streamed the funeral on Zoom, with a total of 12 relatives watching from three different countries.

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Related Topics. Coronavirus pandemic image copyrightGetty Images Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things we have to go through in life.

It can feel pretty lonely right now, but if you've been bereaved it's even more so. And so she did that, knowing she then wouldn't be able to attend it.

And they've been taken away from them. And for help from Mind on mental health and coronavirus.

His mother, father and sister were the only ones who attended - his sister staying two metres apart from her parents. And don't be afraid to allow silence, or tears.

If you can't attend a funeral she says people can light a candle in front of a photograph of loved ones at the same time it is taking place. Dr Schindler's aunt, the youngest of three siblings, went.

We have to be careful where the health of the bereaved, funeral staff and cemetery or crematorium staff are concerned. On the day of the funeral, he was isolating at home as his two-year-old son Ben had a fever.

The family invited people to sit shiva with them, in the Jewish tradition, which was also done remotely. We felt like we'd held on to him for so long.

And people cannot grieve together. The stark reality is that, to keep everyone safe from the virus, the very sick and dying cannot have their family around them.

You may be considering caring for your loved one at home because there People looking after someone at the end of life at home sometimes say Caring for a person who's terminally ill can be very rewarding, and bring. I can't bring my loved ones back, but they'll never truly leave me. Knowing this is comforting. ADVERTISEMENT. Online therapy can help with depression. Some people believe that telling a dying loved one that he is actually dying will dash any hope We often want to protect the ones we love from pain and sorrow but the very protection we An elderly man look for some money from his wallet.

But we couldn't do that so we had to do it remotely. But there are still ways to celebrate and mourn those we love and bid farewell in a meaningful way.