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She brushes back a stray lock of silver hair.

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Asked if she thinks that her daughter will follow in the family business, Andi looks sad for a moment. Many want to date her, to see her again under more romantic proetitute. Like Miriam, Chapkis believes women choose sex work because of a lack of other choices. Yet they are united in one telling aspect--they refuse to be labeled by either the Moral Majority on the right or feminists on the left.

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Now 38, Andi has somehow escaped the usual ravages of time, much less what society expects her particular occupation to visit on her. A step-grandfather began sexually abusing Andi when she was two years old, just as he had abused her mother.

But when it comes to criminalizing the men, Miriam is emphatic. But despite the impressive cash flow, Tiffany hates what she is doing. Andi's mother was a prostitute, as was her grandmother. While boyy transsexuals have had difficulty making the gender change look authentic, Tiffany is clearly not one of them. He--and it's invariably a he--will run his finger down the names listed under "massage," looking for certain code words such as "sensual" or "exquisite.

Although there is much more demand for her unique services, Tiffany restricts business to three appointments a day. There is childhood sexual abuse, a history of her own drug abuse and alcoholism, and an almost psychic ability to choose boyfriends she would be quick to qualify as "lower than whale shit.

Far from being coerced, Magdalena--like Andi--saw this profession as ctuz path that could provide considerable income and independence. She wants to make it clear that she is not criticizing women who make the prostituhe to work as prostitutes. She has only had one threatening client since she got into "the life," a man who did not know he was buying the services of a transsexual until she undressed. Because it is an industry of mostly women workers and male clients, Chapkis also agrees that prostitution fosters santa cruz boy prostitute attitude that women are to be used for sex.

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She believes men come to her for pleasure, attention and touching as much as for getting their rocks off. She has been asked about her dreams, her hopes for the future.

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She was 16 years old. Or maybe it's too damn hard to walk away from all those tax-free dollars.

She eats only natural foods and supplements her diet with juice fasts. Magdalena is the quintessential Santa Cruz woman. This appointment will not be for relief from an aching back or too-tired shoulders, but for sex--a blow job, a hand job or maybe just plain-old-vanilla sex, no whipped topping. Upon receiving her drug and alcohol certificate, she was offered a job in an East Bay drug treatment program.

Their reasons for choosing to work as prostitutes are as varied as their lives and personalities. Most words used to describe her--hooker, prostitute, sex worker, whore--are all too emotionally loaded for her tastes. As victims, therefore, sex workers should not suffer any legal consequences for their actions. Magdalena is an outspoken political activist. After more than 20 years in the business, she has had only one threatening client and that was at the massage parlor.

And, the work has taken a toll. One of the problems of prostitution is ptostitute problem of stigmatized sexuality--of society trying to police consensual sexual activity. For her, it is an opportunity to nurture another human being. There is also a new granddaughter.

She never wears lingerie, heels or makeup, nor does she attract a clientele that expects those feminine amenities. She usually tells her johns that she's 25, which no one would doubt.

If you are looking for a prostitute, don't bother with Santa Cruz. That's the word on a website that rates and scores prostitutes, escort services. Dr. Wendy Chapkis, a UC-Santa Cruz sociology and women's studies professor If one follows the arguments on nurture versus nature in determining a child's. SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KFSN) -- Surveillance video from a yacht in Santa Cruz led to the arrest of a woman who police say is a prostitute and is.

It bothers her that so many married men seek out her services. Her ad draws 20 to 25 calls a day, of which only a few will be returned. Far from the streets of Hugh Grant's Hollywood hooker or the gated mansions of Heidi Fleiss' harem exists a very different community of prostitutes.

Sometimes they want to know what she will wear for the appointment. Andi drains the last of her San Pellegrino and fires up one more Marlboro for the road. Andi and her friend from Berkeley service men out of a tidy apartment on the Santa Cruz Westside. Women like Kathy Miriam will tell you that Andi's problem is not that she is lazy, it's santa cruz boy prostitute she represents the most literal victim of men and society's exploitation of women.

It tells women that bot they reach a certain age, they are no longer valuable. Although she lives in constant fear of being arrested, she counts sheriffs, San Jose policemen and one U. What ushered Tiffany into a working girl's life was a problem whose solution required a fair chunk of money--Tiffany was once a boy named Craig. She sees her work not only as a spiritual calling, but as a form of service to the community. prlstitute

When asked how she knew, Andi pointed to the girl's blood-spattered stiletto heels. Totally heterosexual, he loved Tiffany and wanted her to have the operation, but could not accept her turning tricks to earn the money for it. Magdalena sees herself as a caregiver and prostituhe healer. But the professor also thinks women like Magdalena are on the right track in figuring out a way for sex workers to find some amount of empowerment and control.

But, a brief review of economics begs the question--if the operation costs ten grand, about what she makes in one month--why has it taken two years to get the money together? Often, the men who seek out her services may be what society would consider sexually unattractive.

Besides, this business is for lazy people.