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It now says it "misjudged" the disorder. About sharing image captionChief Constable Simon Bailey said the meeting was one of his 'most difficult' Police admitted "we got it wrong" to the residents of Cromer in a meeting to discuss last month's "lawless lockdown" in the seaside town. seekung

It was lawless and we didn't have the police backup. Laurie Scott, of Breaker's cafe, said: "We now need to get behind the police and move forward.

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Pubs, shops and restaurants closed over the weekend of 19 August following reports of rapetheft and assault. A barmaid, who did not wish to be identified, said "They [the group] demanded money to leave.

A total of 37 crimes were recorded that weekend, with residents linking the trouble to a group of travellers. Related Topics.

He said: "There were a of incidences of theft, of anti-social behaviour, of criminal damage and we misjudged our message, and I'm sorry that we got that message wrong. Police said the review was ongoing and its final recommendations would be made public.

It won't happen again. Norfolk Police initially described it as a "low-level disturbance". He also said police thought the travellers were on their way to others at the Walsingham shrine near Fakenham for a Catholic feast.

sseeking I'm genuinely sorry that we created the impression that this was a low-level disorder. Three [police] vehicles parked right opposite watched the whole ordeal and didn't come to my help. She said she is now on anti-depressants and had lost all faith in the police.

About residents attended the meeting, with one saying the ordeal had left her needing anti-depressants.